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Chicken Guinea


Chicken Guinea is also known as Chickengunya Virus Infection. It is a kind of Viral Infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Chicken Guinea Virus is spread to people by bite of an infected mosquito. There is a risk that the virus will be imported to new areas by infected travellers. Most people infected with Chicken Guinea Virus will develop some symptoms and some of the most common symptoms of Chicken Guinea are as follows:

  • Fever is the most common symptom of such kind of infections
  • Some people may suffer from headaches
  • There is a kind of swelling around of joints at the time of Chicken Guinea
  • Rashes on the skin are common
  • Joint pain can be happen in some cases

Some complication in such kind of diseases is inflammation of the retina, heart muscles, bleeding, inflammation of the spinal cord, inflammation of the liver and many other things.

As Homeopathic Medications are made up of Natural Ingredients such as minerals, plants as well as animals and can have The Most Effective Treatment in such cases. Radiant Homeopathy Care offers the Most Effective Solution for treating Chicken Guinea, without any side- effect or complication.