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Dr S. Mittal is a renowned practicing homeopath of Delhi NCR. It's a different approach of understanding the need of modern era’s health issue and their best alternative treatment methods in present scenario and implementation of the homeopathic treatment for day-to-day common element along with severe chronic and long-lasting diseases with homeopathy energy medicines.
This method depends upon medical diagnoses of the case and which is supported by the required investigation and the treatment is according the diagnosis of the disease but on personalized method of homeopathy medicine selection. This approach helps the patients and doctor to save time. by this approach many patients can be treated in quick time

Being a doctor of 16 years excellence is a true privilege and is one of the most rewarding professions. Homeopathy for Dr. Sangeeta Mittal is just an extension of who she is. Being a homeopath enables her to understand people better as who they are. She intent to learn new things every day in different field of life skills. She has a wide knowledge of energy medicines and different energy fields like Vastu, GEOPATHIIC or energy endousing medicines. She gets and gathered the knowledge and experience each day and grow with her patients. Radiant that is sending out light of happiness is the idea behind radiant homeopathy care. Homeopathy gives smile happiness peace of mind body and soul. Radiant homeopathic care is devoted to us providing better personalized health care, always by healing people's mind body and spiritual health.