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Tinea Capitis is a kind of Infection that develops on the skin as well as inside the hair follicles on the scalp. This kind of Infection is a Ringworm Infection, which is a Fungal Infection that causes Red Ring-Shaped Rashes. This kind of Infection usually appears on the trunk, extremities, or on face. Ringworm Infection has a lot of affects and the areas of the body that this Infection typically affects include:


Ø  Feet

Ø  Trunk

Ø  Groin

Ø  Toenails


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 40 different kinds of species of fungi can be the reason of Ringworm Infection which can cause Tinea Capitis. Here are some different kinds of causes which can be the reason of such Infections:

1.      Anyone can get such kind of Infection after coming into contact with infected humans or animals or any kind of dirt or an object. If these things contains Infectious Fungi then the chances of Tinea Capitis increases.

2.      Ringworm can develop between toes, in the groin area or in skin folds because fungi grow will in warm, moist areas and these body parts have the highest chances to get Ringworm Infection.

3.      Warm as well as moist Climate can be the reason of such kind of Infection. Warm Climate increases the chances to get into contact with Skin Fungi.


Here are some of the Most Common Symptoms of Tinea Capitis:

1.      Scaly Patches on Scalp

2.      Black Dots on Scalp

3.      Scarring of Scalp

4.      Permanent Hair Loss


According to a study, Homoeopathic Medicines can be The Most Effective as well as The Most Easiest Way to get rid of tinea capitis Infections. Homeopathic Medication is known for providing The Best as well as The Most Effective Treatment when it comes to Tinea Capitis.  At Radiant Homeopathy Care we provide most effective homeopathy treatment with guaranteed results.