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Hair is considered as sign of beauty. Anybody losing hair faces lots of stress, seeing their hair coming out one by one in everyday washing, combing, while toweling their hairs, even sometime on touching.

What are sign of unhealthy hair?
  • Breakage from the hair roots and the middle,
  • looks dull,
  • lusterless lifeless,
  • tangled easily and
  • Splits and rough hair

Causes of unhealthy hairs; -

  • Coloring, Bleaching, Chemical hair products, Excessive use of conditioner, shampoo are causes for the unhealthy hairs. 
  • The use of hairs dryers= if you excessively use the hairs dryers after washing your hairs then, also your hair roots get damaged and they can be an unhealthy or hair loss. 
  • Hair style using the creams and spray. Regular making the hairs styles in the parlors’ by using different kind of cream and spray is also one of the causes of unhealthy hair and dry and lusterless hairs
  • The most important unhealthy lifestyle. If there is a nutritious deficiency which is a major cause for the unhealthy hairs it’ll be continue than the look of the hair will become very bad and day by day you will lose your hairs 
  • The Cleanliness= if you won’t wash your hairs for a long time, then also your hair can fall very easily.
  • Thyroid problem= basically the hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis, that is the grave diseases one of the causes the hair loss. Again,  after the child birth hair loss usually happens after 3 months, which generally later on by 9 months subsided and your hair fall get back better by day to day. But what happen if your nutritious deficiency will be, they’re after the child birth also because normally the breast feeding happens after the child birth and if you won’t take care of your iron and the calcium levels of the body and if you don’t take the supplements properly then also after 9 months your hairs fall still happens and there you need to go for the lot of treatment, lot of nutritional supplements, then only hair can be manage as a healthy way.
  • First, they will be thinning of your hair and then the thinning of hair turns into the fall of the hairs. Excessive hair falls always depends upon the healthy hair and your lifestyle. 

  • A proper homeopathy treatment can be proved most beneficial for the treatment of any type of hair fall as homeopathy treats the root cause of disorders. We at Radiant Homeopathy has a very high success of cure rate with our advanced homeopathic treatment package for hair fall which not only cures the hair loss problem but also cure the associated health problems as well. Just trust the best homeopathy clinic in delhi.
  • Apart from a good homeopathy treatment for hair fall, a healthy nutrition habit is also highly required for a healthy hair.