Piles are the collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain Blood Vessel, supports tissue, muscle and elastic fibres. Most Common Causes of Piles are:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Heavy Weight Lifting
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining and passing the stool

Some of the Most Common Symptoms of Piles is Hard and Painful Lump felt around the Anus, Pain before, during or after the stool. This kind of Disease can remain for longer time. Many people also face difficulty in sitting and also the area around the Anus is Itchy, Red and Sore. Bright Red Blood may present before, during and after the stool. Piles Root Cause is Constipation. Poor Diet can also be the main reason of Piles because the Constipation most of the time is related to Dietary Habits as well.


Fissures refer to a Narrow Opening or Crack of considerable length and depth and are usually occurs from some kind of breaking as well as parting. Anal Fissures is a kind of small tear in the thin, moist tissue that lines the Anus. Most Common Causes of Fissures are:

  • Passing large or hard stools
  • Straining during Bowel Movement
  • Anal Intercourse
  • Childbirth
  • HIV

The most Common Symptom of an Anal Fissure is a visible crack in the skin around the Anus. Bright Red Blood on the stool or toilet paper after a bowel movement and heavy pain.


An Anal Fistula is a kind of tunnel that runs from inside the anus. It is an abnormal connection between two body parts, such as organ or blood vessels. Some of the Most Common Causes of Anal Fistula are as follows:

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Trauma
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer

Most Common Symptoms of Fistula is Heavy Pain, Redness and Selling around the Anus.


Haemorrhoids are of three types:

  1. External Haemorrhoids
  2. Internal Haemorrhoids
  3. Thromboses Haemorrhoids

And all the Different Kinds of Haemorrhoids have Different Kinds of Symptoms and they are as follows:

  1. External Haemorrhoids

There are the Haemorrhoids that affect veins outside the anus. They can cause many kinds of Bad Affects to human’s body and some of The Most Common Symptoms of External Haemorrhoids are:

  • Itching
  • Pain or Discomfort
  • Swelling around your Anus
  • Bleeding

  1. Internal Haemorrhoids

Internal Haemorrhoids are Swollen Veins in the Lower Rectum and are usually Painless, but tend to Bleed. Internal Haemorrhoids lie inside the Rectum. In such cases, Straining or Irritation when passing stool can cause many affects and some of them are:

  • It can cause a Painless Bleeding during Bowel Movements. A very small amount of Bright red Blood can appear.
  • A Haemorrhoid to push through the Anal Opening can results Pain and Irritation.

  1. Thromboses Haemorrhoids

This kind of Haemorrhoid can result in:

  • Severe Pain
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • A hard lump near your Anus


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